The Design for Graphic Communication (DGC) course exists to practically explore the liminal space between education and creative industry practice. Through providing vocationally informed and situated challenges the DGC course places employability at its core and facilitates an ongoing and reciprocal exchange of opinions, thoughts and beliefs between learners, industry practitioners and course tutors.

The course is a 2 year Foundation Degree Arts (FdA) followed by an optional BA Honours year which allows learners choice and flexibility with engagement with Higher Education.

Instigated through ongoing dialogue with industry partners and underpinned through continual pedagogic research, the course challenges learners with the requirement to engage with design research methods, idea generation techniques to develop synthetic thinking and places focus on the whole design process, not just the production of final outcomes. The production of project research and development documents that reflect upon the entire design cycle is central to all assignments. This enables the development of key specific and transferrable skills and facilitates reflective practice.

The DGC course helps people to become highly employable, thorough, diligent and resilient designers who approach communication design holistically, practically and pragmatically.


Martin Ashley
Paul Bailey
Monica Biagioli
Jack Blake
Luke Best
Joanna Choukeir
Siân Cook
Chris de Selincourt
Sophie Demay
Dominic Dyson
Tara Hanrahan
John-Patrick Hartnett
Jamie Hobson
Ian Horton
Tim Hutchinson
Karl Foster
Patrick Fry
Paul Jackson
Ken Kirton
Maggie Li
Yvan Martinez
Chris May
Giulio Miglietta
Hamish Muir
Dene October
Rachel Ortas
Katy Oswald
Monika Parrinder
David Phillips
Darren Raven
Lesley Raven
Susannah Rees
Ben Richards
Ben Rider
David Sims
Catherine Smith
Jo Spencer
Sarah Temple
Tony Todd
Joshua Trees


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